Amoeba Game
This game includes ActionScript that enables you to move your craft and shoot at the paramecium and enemy amoeba. The amoeba is programmed to have rudimentary artificial intelligence. It knows where your craft is and always shoots directly at it. When the amoeba is blown apart, its nucleus will seek out and follow your craft until one of the two is destroyed. The game will become more difficult the longer you play it. With all the options toggled "on" in this game, it may run slowly on slower computers.
Your fighter craft has been shrunk to microscopic size and is trapped inside a drop of water. The microbes within are now deadly opponents. Click the Start button to begin. Press the Left and Right Arrow keys to rotate the craft. Press the Up Arrow key to thrust the craft in the direction it is facing. Press the Spacebar repeatedly to fire. Shoot at, and avoid colliding with, the paramecium and enemy amoeba. You will gain a bonus life for every 3000 points scored. When the game ends, click the Game Over button to begin again. If the game plays too slowly, toggle some of the options with the buttons in the lower left corner.