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Required Multimedia Players

The course content is designed to use ALL of the listed multimedia technologies, so it is necessary that up to date versions of the software below be installed on your computer before exploring content on the course website.

Click on the links to install the latest version of the multimedia players. Links open in a new window.

Adobe Shockwave player
Adobe Authorware player
Adobe Flash player
RealNetworks Real player
Apple Quicktime player
Got the Latest Plugin?

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Each link launches a sample file of that application, or refers to a site to verify plugin installation.

Help & Support

  1. Which username and password should I use to log in?
  2. I receive an "ACCESS DENIED" message when attempting to login to complete my Prelabs...
  3. I receive an "Invalid File version" error when running Authorware web pieces...
  4. I can't view the Pre-Labs with Windows 7! What do I do?(Access Denied popup)
  5. How to use Scenario Software
  6. Need help with the Tutorials
  7. How to Subscribe to Podcasts
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WATCH: Installation of Authorware player (Flash demo).


WATCH: How to find your PRISM information (Flash demo).

WATCH: How to Download new Software.
Recommended Software
Here is a set of common browser plugins that may be required to view certain types of files:

   Adobe Acrobat Reader
   Sun Microsystems Java

Get the Google Pack Collection of free essential software

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