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3040601 Reporting computer problems
3040603 ACCESS DENIED message when attempting to log in to the system
3040605 "Invalid file version" error when running Authorware web pieces
3040606 When I try to view the Interactive Exams, none of the exam questions show
3040607 I receive a "Driver component sizes mis-match" error when launching movie files
3040608 I forgot my username and/or password. How can I find out what they are?
3040609 "MIME type configuration" error when launching QuickTime movies
3040610 ERROR when Installing the Shockwave Player on Microsoft Windows XP
3040611 Which username and password should I use to log in?
3070601 Flash fails to install while On Guard (or other antivirus application) is running
3070602 I can't view the Pre-Labs! What do I do?

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