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Required Readings in Biology: Concepts and Investigations 4th Edition

The readings listed under each scenario are those that will help you understand the concepts and processes introduced during that scenario. You should read them to deepen and strengthen your understanding of what is discussed in lecture. The order in which you read them will depend on how and when the concepts are discussed in lecture. It will also depend on your needs. If, for example, you encounter a term or concept that does not make sense to you while reading about topic or process, you should seek out the reading that explains what you do not understand before continuing.

Psychics and Scientists

Fire and Ice

Out of the Rainforest

Chemical Defenses

Marooned in the Galapagos

The Rainbow Connection

Emerging Diseases

Family Reunion

Hogs, Chickens and More

Why do we Care About Fat?

Required Readings from Hoefnagels Biology