Dear Colleague,

This application let’s you identify how facts and concepts taught in the course you are reviewing relate to those in the course(s) you teach.  It also let’s you identify for what type of major do you think learning that fact or concept is necessary.

1) Select
            a) your name (Faculty)
            b) the course you are teaching (Course Name)
            c) the course you are reviewing (Course to be Reviewed)

2) Click Submit

3) Review the list of facts and concepts presented in the course and for each

  • Indicate when you think each item should be taught relative to your course (location) as follows:
          P – You consider this prerequisite knowledge for your course
          A – You acquaint the students with this idea but do not expect them to learn it as completely
          O – You teach this and expect that learning it would be an outcome of  your course
          N – This item has no relevance to your course

  • Indicate which of the following majors should know this(i.e. you expect them to be able to answer a question about it on an exit exam)(Requirement) – choose ALL to which it applies:

4) Click Submit
            If you miss items, you will be shown those and asked to judge them.

You should repeat this process for each of the courses you teach.  After you have done this for the first of your courses, you will NOT be asked to indicate whether an item is a Requirement questions because your previous choice would apply to majors regardless of when it should be taught.

To help you judge the items, sample tests questions from the course being reviewed will be provided if available by “Sample test questions.”


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