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Fall 2017 TA

Name Available Hours Email ID Office Phone Number Skype
Eric Bates By appointment. LSW 513 My status
Sarah Bounds By appointment LSW 434 My status
Kelsey Brass Please email for appointment 430 LSW My status
Cassandra Bratcher 309C My status
Autumn Brown My status
Anna Butler Email For Appointment LSW 509B My status
Debarati Chanda Email for appointment LSW 115 My status
Caitlin Cobbs Please email for appointment My status
Graham Davis Office Hours by appointment only. 311D My status
Aimee Elmquist By Appointment LRC My status
Jordan Gauss My status
Tabby Gunnars E-mail for appointment My status
Kevin Hennessey 7034748320 My status
Sarah Hileman By Appointment 514B My status
Brooke Hoover By Appointment LSW 402 My status
Kim Keck By Appointment My status
Sam Kimbrough By appointment My status
Jake Kline By appointment. Please email 357 NRC My status
Paige Krupa By appointment (Please e-mail!) LSW 115 My status
Austin Leone By appointment! Please e-mail! LSW 402 My status
Avery Melton By Appointment (Send E-mail) LSW 209 My status
William Mimbs By Appointment (Send E-mail) 514B My status
Ben Nelson By appointment My status
Ranjit Pandey My status
Brittnie Paul Please email for appointment. My status
Matthew Ridenour NA NA My status
Angela Riley By appointment LSW 115 My status
Melisa Robinson email for appointment My status
Tyler Ryan By appointment LSW 430 My status
Jay Walton By appointment LSW 402 My status
Allison Wells By appointment LSW 402 My status
Shauni Windle T 1:30-3:00. W 10:30-11:30 ANSI 111 My status

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