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Fall 2018 TA

Name Available Hours Email ID Office Phone Number Skype
Eric Bates By appointment. My status
Kathryn Biehl Email for appointment My status
Donald Bouchereau Wednesday and Friday from 1:30- 2:20 LSW 209 My status
Sarah Bounds By appointment My status
Cassandra Bratcher 309C My status
Nicole Brinker My status
Tanner Bryan By appointment My status
Caitlin Cobbs Please email for appointment My status
Graham Davis Office Hours by appointment only. 311D My status
Elizabeth Dawkins My status
KatyAnn Dudley My status
Kelly Easterling Email for appointment My status
Aimee Elmquist By Appointment 303A LSW My status
Fikirte Erda Appointment by email My status
Dylan Franks My status
Abigail Grathwohl My status
Grace Grunewald email for appointment My status
Yetkin Ipek Send e-mail for appointment 430 My status
Brit Johnson My status
Nichole Jones Email for appointment! My status
Dani Kirsch By appointment. Please email! LSW 518 My status
Jake Kline By appointment. Please email 357 NRC My status
Austin Leone By appointment! Please e-mail! LSW 430 My status
Will Marsh My status
Katie Mueller My status
Katerina Ramos By Appointment, Please Email me! LSW 402 7302346 My status
Caroline Sanders My status
Ky Shen By appointment PS 423 My status
Jack Spicer email for appointment LSW 434 My status
Emily Thaden email for appointment none My status
Jay Walton By appointment LSW 402 My status
Taylor Walton My status
Clara Wenger Email for Appointment N/A N/A My status
Sierra Williams By appointment LSW 402 My status
Shauni Windle T 1:30-3:00. W 10:30-11:30 ANSI 111 My status

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