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Spring 2019 TA

Name Available Hours Email ID Office Phone Number Skype
Kavya Boyina By Appointment. Please Email me! My status
Cassandra Bratcher My status
Taylor Carlson By Appt LSW 434 My status
Elizabeth Dawkins My status
Yetkin Ipek Send e-mail for appointment 430 My status
Dani Kirsch By appointment. Please email! LSW 518 My status
Ryan Koch LSW 509B 9088944343 My status
Austin Leone By appointment! Please e-mail! LSW 430 My status
Connor Locke 4178080694 My status
Suman Maharjan My status
William Mimbs By Appointment (Send E-mail) 514B My status
Katerina Ramos By Appointment, Please Email me! LSW 402 7302346 My status
Sierra Williams By appointment LSW 402 My status
Shauni Windle By appointment LSW 430 My status

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