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TA Schedules/Contact Information

Name Available Hours Email ID Office Phone Number
Bates , Eric
By appointment.
LSW 513
Bounds , Sarah
By appointment
LSW 434
Brass , Kelsey
Please email for appointment
430 LSW
Bratcher , Cassandra
Brown , Autumn
Dawkins , Elizabeth
Elmquist , Aimee
By Appointment
Erda , Fikirte
Appointment by email
Gauss , Jordan
Keck , Kim
By Appointment
Kimbrough , Sam
By appointment
Kline , Jake
By appointment. Please email
357 NRC
Leone , Austin
By appointment! Please e-mail!
LSW 402
Melton , Avery
By Appointment (Send E-mail)
LSW 209
Mimbs , William
By Appointment (Send E-mail)
Ren , Jie
By appointment
Richardson , Traci
Email for appointment
Ridenour , Matthew
Robinson , Melisa
email for appointment
Ryan , Tyler
By appointment
LSW 430
Scarlett , Kendall
Shen , Ky
By appointment MTRF 1:00p to 5:00p
LSW 209
Walton , Jay
By appointment
LSW 402
Windle , Shauni
T 1:30-3:00. W 10:30-11:30
ANSI 111

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