Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where on campus can I use other computers to do my pre-labs and online tutorials?
Are there any old exams we can study from?
Hey, how do I find out what page we are on in the text?
Why do we work in groups?
What do I do if I miss an Exam?
What do I do if I miss the Final?
What do I do if I miss a quiz?
What do I do if I miss a lab?
What do you do if you miss an in-class exercise or homework assignment?
Why don't I see a connection between the lecture and the lab?
Why am I working 8 hours outside class if this class is only a 1000 level course worth 4 credit hours?
Why isn't this class worth 5 credits?
Why don't we use the textbook?
My friend got an "A" last semester and never read the book. Why should I?
Why are we using such a confusing textbook? It never makes any sense to me.
When is the LRC busy?
When I am Submit my planning form it shows me an error! Is there any way to resolve it?
I have never really had to study before, what should I do?
I am unable to login into BIOL1114 student page, it displays incorrect user id or password. What could be the reason for this?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Dr. Donald French for any questions